QUAKE Wars: Ray Traced is a project from the research group at Intel. It consists of a real-time ray tracer that is able to load and interact with the content from the game "Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars". The ray tracing engine is optimized for current multi-core x86-CPUs. The long-term target is to be able to offer real-time ray tracing for games as a possible rendering path in addition to rasterization on future many-core architectures (like Larrabee and future versions of that architecture).

The main features of QUAKE Wars: Ray Traced are:

The demo showed at Research@Intel day 2008 runs at approximately 15 - 20 fps at 1280x720 on a Caneland system that has four Tigerton quad-cores in it (total: 16 cores), clocked at 2.93 GHz.

The enhanced demo showed at the Intel Developer Forum in August 2008 runs at approximately 20 - 35 fps at 1280x720 on a Caneland system that has four Dunnington six-cores in it (total: 24 cores), clocked at 2.66 GHz. Adding 8 more cores compared to the previous demo system increased the frame rate almost linearly.

With further content improvements (500+ monsters, 3D water) the demo was shown at SIGGRAPH 2009 running on a Dual-Socket Nehalem system (total: 8 physical cores), clocked at 3.2 GHz at approximately 15 - 20 fps at 1280x720.

At September IDF 2009 the demo has been shown on an early prototype of Larrabee.

Special thanks goes to id Software and Splash Damage for the original "Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars".